Walter Eigenmann’s Database Comp2004 V3-12/31/2004
(140646 Computer Games)

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The chess database "COMP2004" was collected by me during the years 2000 to 2004. It contains more than 140'000 computer chess games, and each game was played with a time control of at least 30 minute/engines - thus no "blitz"!
The COMP2004 comprises over 1'000 program and/or -versions, which became of more than 300 different programmers out of the entire world. In addition this collection contains very many testers from all countries and continents. Thanks all those people, which contributed their computer chess tournaments and -matches!
Into the database only parties were received which show at least 15 moves: Thus no "book-bugs", no "aborts" etc. Besides all games were eliminated which were lost on time.
The COMP2004 is very reliably concerning rank lists. Because their games are of high quality; there's very many games; and the hardware spectrum is gigantic. This data base is therefore very useful not only for grandmasters and programmers,
but also for statisticians and for all chess theoreticians. If you should have any criticisms or suggestions, you can contact the author (eMail address below).
Besides you can read on the homepage the further details (in german, see link above).

Rothenburg/Switzerland, December 2004:
Walter Eigenmann

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